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About M4C

Welcome to Mosaic. This is a micro-blog where we note our observations, thoughts, and reflections on various facets and aspects of experience design. As with all of our work, there is a strong focus on inclusive design and accessibility.

We believe that being deliberate about what we do can not only yield rich and meaningful experiences but inclusion and access, while also being a powerful catalyst for innovation.

Corey Timpson and Sina Bahram have been collaborating since 2012.

Corey Timpson

Personal Maxim: Time is the most important asset I have – it’s finite and I don’t know how much I have. I will, therefore, spend my time deliberately.

Corey Timpson is an active collaborator and thought leader in the experience design, digital media, and museological discourses within the cultural sector. Having collaborated with over 80 museums internationally, Corey’s primary focus is to facilitate dialogic and meaningful experiences among audiences (on-site and online) through mixed-media, digital technology, and inclusive environmental design.

As Vice President, Exhibitions, Research, and Design, at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) Corey was responsible for the direction and oversight of exhibition programs, research and curation, design and production across all media, digital platforms, and collections. As the project director for the design-build of the CMHR, his focus was on collecting and interpreting difficult knowledge and presenting it through a multi-sensory, inclusive, transmedia storytelling approach. Corey also championed the creation of, and directed the museum’s internationally recognized inclusive design and accessibility practices. 

Corey’s design leadership has accounted for over 30 international awards in the fields of environmental, exhibition, and graphic design, digital and interactive media, digital systems, film and linear media, and universal design.


Sina Bahram

Personal Maxim: Anything where the impact is not only immediate but ongoing, is where I concentrate my focus.

Sina Bahram is an accessibility consultant, researcher, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Prime Access Consulting (PAC), an inclusive design firm whose clients include technology startups, research labs, Fortune-500 companies, and both private and nationally-funded museums.

Sina has a strong background in computer science, holding undergraduate and graduate degrees in that field.  As a recognized expert in accessibility, Sina enjoys collaborating with individuals of diverse professions to devise innovative and user-centered solutions to meaningful real-world problems.

In 2012, Sina was recognized as a White House Champion of Change by President Barack Obama for his work enabling users with disabilities to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. In 2015, the international accessibility community recognized Sina as an Emerging Leader in Digital Accessibility at the annual Knowbility Community Heroes of Accessibility Awards. In 2017, Sina served as co-chair of the Museums and the Web conference. In 2019, Sina started serving as an invited expert on the W3C ARIA working group.



Sina, on left, and Corey, on the right, are both standing and facing the camera, wearing aprons, safety glasses, protective sleeves, and holding gloves.
Sina and Corey, at the Corning Museum of Glass, are about to make hot glass sculptures.